Choose Indian Baby Names As Per Meaning

If you are going to have a baby soon, or if you have already had a baby recently, and are having a hard time thinking about the perfect name that will suit your baby to the core and add more meaning to their identity and personality, then here are a few tips that can help you choose one of the most popular baby names 2015 as per their meanings. Go through these tips and give your baby a name that he or she can be proud of!

Meaning in your mother tongue, as well as in Hindi & English –

It is the first and the foremost consideration that deserves every parent’s attention. When you are about to give a name to your child, make sure that it doesn’t have any bad meaning in your and your spouse’s mother tongue. Along with this, your preferred name should also not have any bad meaning in the national language – Hindi, and in English as well!

Easy to pronounce –

While selecting a name as per its meaning, see to it that it should be a name that is difficult to be pronounced. Names with difficult to assess spellings and a tough pronunciation should be avoided. Equally important is the fact that your chosen name should not be such that it could cause your child to be picked on. You may not know it, but this can affect your child’s self esteem.

Stereotypes –

Figure out if there are any stereotypes associated with your selected name. Stereotypes, good or bad, should generally be taken care of when it comes to selecting a name for your baby. If possible, pick such a name that is free from any sort of stereotype.

Suitability with your last name –

There is no denying the fact that a long list of Indian baby names exists on the World Wide Web in this day and age. So, while you are deciding on a name for your child, pick such a name that suits your last name. After all your child will use his or her name with your family’s last name. Isn’t it?

Initials of the name –

Another important consideration which should not be overlooked while you go through the new baby names 2015 is to check the initials. You would surely not want to give your baby a name which would make funny initials, such initials which are easily susceptible to the mockery of others. So, it goes without saying that this aspect needs the right attention of parents, and that too for obvious reasons!

Your partner’s and family’s approval –

Last but definitely not the least, finalise the name for your baby only after consulting your spouse and your families. This will not only keep all happy, but will also help you with more and, may be, unique baby name suggestions. So, do check with your spouse and families before you pick a good name for your little one.

Don’t forget any of these tips and follow them without any fail while selecting a name for the apple of your eyes. Whether you believe it or not, a unique, easy to pronounce name without any associated stereotypes would be the best gift you will ever give to your child.

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