Potty Training For Boys – Teaching Your Baby Boy To Use The Toilet

The process of potty training young boys and girls are not so different, considering that both are children, although there are some differences in between. Teaching boys and girls to use toilet seats (sitting, standing and washing) can be a challenge. A young boy learning how to use the toilet will have to develop a sense for when he has to go the restroom. To make things more difficult, different children learn to do the same things in different ways and some children learn faster than others. Training your little prince to go to the toilet and helping him develop a sense and a routine for it can be a challenging task, so we have provided some useful tips to help you start potty training your child.

Have Patience

The first step of potty training begins with you keeping your eye on your baby boy, and knowing when he may be ready for training. Some say that there is a specific age to start potty training . Although there is no right or wrong age, most children are ready to be potty trained between the ages of two to three. There will be signs that your baby boy is ready to start potty training , and it is up to you to be aware of and look out for those signs.

Teach Him How to Sit First

When the time does come, you should first start by teaching your little boy how to sit. Fortunately, toilet seats for kids are smaller than regular ones for adults, so your baby boy is less likely to fall in the toilet. The smaller toilets are also given with little cups on the front to better help your child not miss the toilet.

Let Him Learn from Dad

You can let him watch dad or his older sibling to learn how to sit and stand on the toilet seat. He can learn faster by seeing real examples. You can also let him watch other boys around the same age use toilet seats, as this will guide his understanding of the process.

Show Him a Target

Help your child better understand the direction he should sit in by showing him the target, which is the toilet seat. Show him a live demonstration done by yourself, with emphasis on the appropriate steps taken when using the toilet. For example, you can show him how you sit and stand from the toilet seat so that he can follow your steps.

Take Him Outside

You can also take him outside for potty training . For instance, if you have a tree in your backyard, you can use it to start teaching your baby boy how to use the toilet. Because he’ll be having so much fun, he will learn things more quickly than at home.

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