Baby Rattles and Other Newborn Toys for Gifts

Picking a present for a newborn can be quite a challenge. But it really doesn’t have to be that difficult. If you want to give a gift that will be appreciated by both the baby and the parents, you can always count on the charm of baby rattles, squeaky soft animals, and other toys. You just need to know which type of toys would be appropriate for a baby to play with in the first months of his or her life.

One thing you need to remember is that newborn babies can only appreciate items that she can sense while lying down. Up to few months, babies won’t be able to grab anything, crawl, or sit up. Things they’d need and be happy about are those that appeal to the senses of sight and hearing. They’d only recognize those that are held at about a distance of 8 to 14 inches from her eyes. Babies in their first month would also love to see human faces and bright and contrasting colors. They’d enjoy gentle music and sounds, too.

A crib mobile, which is that small carousel of toys that you hang above the crib, is always a welcome gift. It is placed at a perfect distance from the baby’s face, plays soft music, and usually comes with brightly hued toys that go around slowly. Some cribs or play yards these days already come with a mobile attachment. So you can check with the parents if they don’t have one yet. It’s usually attached to the crib rail and should be set at a distance enough for it to be out of the baby’s reach.

Even if babies can’t hold anything yet in their first months, you can still give them hand-held toys. His or her mommy can hold it up for her and would try to focus with his or her eyes or practice reaching out for one that he or she finds attractive. Again, choose something with contrasting colors so baby will be able to recognize it easily.

Hand-held toys that create distinctive sounds like baby rattles never fail to give baby some fun. You can also choose a soft pig that squeaks or a bird that tweets when pressed. These things can go a long way. Some babies may enjoy these toys even up to their 12th month. These toys help practice their hearing in the early months and test their hand movements later.

You can also opt for soft books. They are a great way to introduce babies to reading, even at a very early age. Give one that has bold patterns in contrasting colors or, better yet, in block designs of black and white.

You do have a lot of toys you can choose from when trying to find gifts for newborn babies. The suggestions above will give you a good idea on what to give the next time you attend a baby shower or when you simply want to welcome the newborn.

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