Baby Shower Gift Baskets – The Practical Gift

You just received an invitation to your friends baby shower. What do you do next? You keep the date of the shower open and now the day is approaching fast. You learn that all of your friends have picked up their gifts and now your left without any idea for a shower gift.

The bad thing is, you don’t know anything about babies much less what they need. Or, maybe this is your first baby shower and don’t have a clue as what to do.

Let’s get started. You start doing your home work. You contact the host giving the shower and ask a few questions. What is the baby’s sex? What theme will the shower be? Is there any requests from the new parents on a gift etc…

Once you get an idea you should check the local baby store, malls and online websites that cater to baby showers. These places are great for basket ideas too.

A shower gift basket could contain a variety of items. They may include blankets that are pink or blue depending on if it’s a girl or boy. Soft fuzzy toys, chew toys, clothes, changing gear, diapers lotions and more.

The best thing about gift baskets is they are helpful. People that put together at baby shower baskets know what they are doing! They include items that the new mother and new baby will need.

With a shower gift basket you get your moneys worth, plus the new mother to be will be very happy. Once the baby has arrived, the new parents will need all the help they can get. The costs of raising a family always rises with the addition of the new baby. The best present to give is one that will provide for the needs of the baby and new mother.

Baby shower gift baskets are made for different themes. Some baskets are designed for the baby’s bath time. They include towels, wash cloths, baby soap, brushes and the famous rubber ducky.

This allows variety and you can add your own personal touch to the basket. So know you see you have a good selection to choose from.

These gift baskets will vary in price depending on whats included, theme and size of the basket. The average basket costs about $75.

Shower baskets are normally split into two themes. Pink for girls containing items that the girls will love and blue for boys with items for the little guys..

You can also order great baby shower baskets online.This will cut down on your shopping time and websites are open 24 hours a day. Most good sites show a picture of the basket and allow for and changes that you may want to make in the basket

They will be shipped nice gift wrapped along with a card that allows you to personalize. Make sure to give the baby your best wishes too.

The gift basket is a great and thoughtful gift. It is meaningful because it provides items needed for the newborn.

Get started building the basket you want to give to that special family member of close friend. With the information you have you can give the best present and make everybody happy.

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