Baby Showers: Are They Beneficial?

Baby showers are a rite of passage for expectant mothers. This time-honored tradition involves women (though now-a-days, men often do contribute to the event) getting together to celebrate the future mother and her baby and shower her with gifts for her new little bundle. The purpose of the event is to prepare the mother to be with the odds and ends that she will need for her baby upon his or her arrival so that she doesn’t have to worry about getting all of these odds and ends together herself. Though these events are such a time-honored tradition, if you are an expectant mother, you may be wondering if the event is actually beneficial to you and your little one.

When I was expecting my little one, I was super excited to see what my baby shower would be like. I knew that the event would be a lot of fun; what with my friends and family members all getting together for a joyful celebration (and let me tell you, my friends and family never plan a so-so event), receiving gifts, munching tasty food and just getting excited for the arrival of my son. It was sure to be a great event. Never did I imagine how much my husband, myself and our baby would benefit from the baby shower. We received so many gifts at my baby shower that all we really needed to do after the event was set the gifts up and wait for the baby to arrive. We received enough clothing to outfit our baby the entire first year of his life. We received enough diapers to diaper our baby for the first month of his life. We received furniture, toys, feeding items, soothing items, bathing items; basically, you name it, we got it. In addition to being a simply wonderful time, I was literally showered with carloads of gifts at my baby shower.

As a first-time mother, preparing for the arrival of a little one can be an overwhelming, what with all of the items that you have to purchase and the cost of those purchases. A baby shower can truly be a very beneficial event for a first-time mother, and even for mothers who are having subsequent babies. Even if you receive only one gift at your shower, it’s one item less that you have to worry about, making the event something that is truly beneficial to you.

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