Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Ideas

So a friend or a family member is having a baby boy and you’ve decided to host the baby shower. A great idea would be to have a dinosaur theme. Get together with a trusted friend to help you plan the details of this event. This theme is a one of a kind and not overly used by everyone. Of course, if you want to be out of the box then you’ll need to have more imagination when arranging the decorations, foods and games for your special event. Dinosaurs are a favorite when it comes to boys so it won’t be difficult to find toys that can repurposed as table decor for your shower.

There are a few famous dinosaurs out there such as Barney and Baby Dino. If you decide to use Barney, make the shower purple and green. Baby Dino combines with earth tones like brown and musk green. If you prefer to simply make it a general dinosaur baby shower, then cut out a large Tyrannosaurus or Brontosaurus onto card stock using a template for the invitation. (A regular coloring page can be used as a template.) Use wording such as: ‘Come on over and have a roaring fun time at our baby shower’ as the title of the invite. Essential information such as date, time and address should also be written inside the invitation.

To decorate, purchase lots of different dinosaur books and use them as centerpieces for the guests’ tables. These books can later go into the baby’s library collection. Tiny plastic dinosaur toys can be placed in between finger foods trays and even on top of the cake. Fill green and orange balloons and tape them to the ceiling with crepe tape. This will make your party all that more adorable to walk into.

As for centerpiece ideas for the foods tables, you can use inflatable dinosaurs surrounded by crepe paper in bright colors. A dinosaur diaper cake is always a clever idea since it’s not very expensive to make and can be gifted to the mom to be when the shower is over. Use baby outfits in dinosaur prints, bibs, and mini baby bottles to embellish your diaper cake. Surround each tier with a thick green satin ribbon.

What’s a party without the food? Buy lots of dinosaur crackers to serve with cheese and appetizers at the beginning of the party. Make finger sandwiches that look like Brontosaurus by using dinosaur themed cookie cutters. Have fruit arrangements and vegetable trays as healthy options for those who can’t eat sugar or gluten.

Of course, don’t forget the cake! Even if you don’t know how to make royal icing sculptures, you can still make a fantastic looking cake by purchasing tiny dinosaur toys and arranging them on top of the cake. Surround your main cake with lots of cupcakes. Use paper dinosaur cupcake decorations if you don’t have time to make icing designs.

As you can see, it doesn’t take a professional organizer to create an awesome dinosaur baby shower. With a little planning and creativity it will be a hit!

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