P`lanning a Baby Shower: Do’s and Don’ts

Baby showers are becoming more popular these days, and it can be a lot of fun for both the mother-to-be and her friends. If you’re pregnant and want to have a baby shower or you’re a friend of someone who’s pregnant, here’s top Do’s and Don’ts.

1. Anyone can organise a baby shower for the pregnant, except her and her own mother. Why? Because baby shower is generally centred on giving gifts. And it’s just rude for the receiver or her mum to ask for a present.

2. The expectant mum doesn’t pay for the party. It’s traditional that whoever organised the baby shower, pays for it as her present to the mother-to-be. If you feel that it’s too much for you to baby for the expenses, it’s OK for a number of you to club together and pay for it.

3. The mother-to-be should not expect a lavish party. It is traditionally a simple celebration, with some nibbles served, not a full course meal. Having a themed cake is the current trend but it’s not a tradition, so it’s OK not to have it.

4. Do check with the expectant mother that she’s free on the day that you’re planning to throw a baby shower for her. It would be strange to have the party without her because she has an appointment she can’t cancel.

5. Do ensure that you only invite the people she wanted to be there. If you invite someone she doesn’t get along with, because you think it’s a nice time for a much needed reconciliation, it might backfire, and the party can end up as a disaster.

6. Don’t throw a surprise baby shower party. Yes, it can be fun, but it can also stress the expectant mum. Since you have to make sure that you invite only those she wants to be there without her knowing it; it will likely to stress you our too, if you get it wrong.

7. Do assign someone to look after the expectant during the whole party. This person can help her find a comfy chair, monitor her mood and drive her home with all her goodies.

8. Do give practical gifts if it’s the first baby. Changing bag, baby hats, baby grow, blankets and toys are useful stuff for the new baby. If it’s the second baby, the family may already have some of these things, so you can give more frivolous gifts like personalized baby gifts, such as trendy clothes and personalized bibs. If you’re not sure what they may or may not have already, don’t be embarrassed to ask the mother-to-be. As for the mums, when asked, do be honest with what you want. It will make the giver’s life much easier.

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