Useful Tips on How to Organize a Fashionable Baby Shower

It is such a joyful event for new parents to tell their friends and family that they are expecting a baby very soon. This is why most expectant parents are fond of throwing baby shower party to celebrate the arrival of the baby soon. It is best to prepare for the event well as this is one very important event in your life especially if you are expecting your first baby. Here are some tips on how to organize a fashionable baby shower party:

1. Set the date of your baby shower party – it is ideal to set the baby shower party around 8 to 10 weeks before the baby is due. You should make sure to prepare in advance to make sure that everything is set before the big and fun baby bash.

2. Think of a good theme – to make the baby shower party fashionable and stylish, it is advisable to come up with good themes. It would be great to consult various cartoons or animated movies since you are celebrating for the baby. You could also play with colors for the motif of the event. It would be easier to pick a good theme when you are already aware of the gender of the baby. You could play with pink decorations for a baby girl bash and blue for the baby boy of course. However, if you are the type of parents who want to be surprised about the gender of the baby then you could always go for neutral colors or designs.

3. Decide for the venue of your party – you could have intimate celebration that you can organize at home or if you want to invite large number of people then you could go for bigger venue like a restaurant. It is very essential that you consider first the number of expected guests before you decide for the venue of your baby shower.

4. Design and print out invitations – after finalizing details such as date, theme and venue, it is now time to design and print out invitations. You should do this at least one week before the event to make sure that your invited guests will be notified early. If you are in a rush that you do not have enough time to design the invitation then what you can do is order online. You will be able to save time and money through this.

5. Prepare the menu for the party – you could prepare pica-pica or snacks for your guests or you could also organize a lunch or dinner party.

6. Come up with baby shower favors or souvenirs – to finish all the baby shower preparations, you should make sure to come up with stylish favors or souvenirs to giveaway to your guests. It is best if the party favour is according to the theme that you have chosen.

Organizing a baby shower party is not as difficult as you think it is. It is just important to be well-organized. You should make sure to have a checklist to avoid forgetting anything. Do not forget to take lots of videos and pictures so you could document events in your pregnancy.

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