People almost instinctively associate the word “stepmother” with the word “wicked”. The myth of the wicked stepmother is as old as Cinderella and as threatening as the tale of snow white. You may recall her stepmother tries to play out the fantasy by poisoning her husband’s daughter. A stepmother onceRead More →

When I was a child, we were taught about patriotism. Every morning at school we would stand erect facing the flag at the front of the room while singing O Canada and God Save the Queen, followed by recitation of the Lord’s Prayer. Arms were to be at our sidesRead More →

Babies are blessings coming from God. As an upcoming member of the family, for sure, everybody is delighted and excited to see the baby. However, it is not that easy to have a new child because it means added expenses to your budget. As a responsible parent, you should provideRead More →

Infertility is considered a disease that affects both men and women. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine estimates that 6.5 million American women in their reproductive years are impacted by the disease. With numbers as high as these, it’s common to know someone struggling from infertility and are unable toRead More →

So a friend or a family member is having a baby boy and you’ve decided to host the baby shower. A great idea would be to have a dinosaur theme. Get together with a trusted friend to help you plan the details of this event. This theme is a oneRead More →

Complaints from School Incomplete Classwork Arguing and fighting Sibling rivalry and conflict Struggling with Homework Thumb-sucking, nail-biting, bed-wetting. Shy and no self confidence Problems with Speech. Difficulty in accepting family situations. Sounds Familiar! Does this remind you about your Child? Well there is nothing to be embarrassed about; this isRead More →