With the high rate of divorce in this country, it is more important than ever to know what it takes to provide pro active step parenting that gives kids the atmosphere that they need to be healthy and secure. There are many aspects to step parenting that can affect allRead More →

Children will show real interest towards books, reading and learning later on, if their parents expose them to reading aloud and to an environment that promotes the written language through posters with words and corresponding images, for example. Several developmental studies confirm that the more and earlier a child isRead More →

Step parenting involves dealing with a lot of child custody issues. These issues range from making sure one of the parents can pick up a child for visitation to preparing for custody court. For many step parents, learning how to deal positively with the custody issues cuts down on stressRead More →

Baby showers are a rite of passage for expectant mothers. This time-honored tradition involves women (though now-a-days, men often do contribute to the event) getting together to celebrate the future mother and her baby and shower her with gifts for her new little bundle. The purpose of the event isRead More →