Affirmative Sleep Talk for Kids

  • Complaints from School
  • Incomplete Classwork
  • Arguing and fighting
  • Sibling rivalry and conflict
  • Struggling with Homework
  • Thumb-sucking, nail-biting, bed-wetting.
  • Shy and no self confidence
  • Problems with Speech.
  • Difficulty in accepting family situations.

Sounds Familiar! Does this remind you about your Child? Well there is nothing to be embarrassed about; this is the situation in every home across the world. There is nothing new about it. But now at least you know a way to handle and the situation positively without any further stress, arguments or conflict.

All you have to do is spend 5 minutes every day with your child while they sleep and softly whisper these affirmative sleep talk in their ears. Always start by telling them that you love them very much and are always there for them.

Just as they are falling asleep, repeat one or two positive sleep talk affirmations to suggest to their subconscious, adding their name so they know that it is directed to them. Whispers can echo something positive that you noticed your child do or they can reflect a positive action or attitude about your child and would like to see more of.

You can choose appropriate affirmative sleep talk quotes to address specific issues related to the situation you would like to address with your child and repeat it every day for at least 4 weeks till it gets embedded into their thought process and gets accepted.

You will be amazed at the quick results, but do not give up the 5 minutes of affirmative sleep talk after seeing results in the first week. To make sure that positive behavior pattern gets embedded in the system. You have to follow the sleep talk practice regularly.

Only use positive sentences and always avoid negative words. For example, if you want to stop your child from beating other kids or taking loudly.

Correct Affirmation:

  • “Ryan always talks softly.”
  • “Ryan is a kind and friendly boy.”

Incorrect Affirmation:

  • Ryan does not talk loudly.”
  • “Ryan does not beat other kids.”

We as parents have a remarkable amount of influence and responsibility which we can use to help our kids reach their full potential and become happy and successful individuals. Our children are a mold in our hands. Let’s use our love and methods such as positive sleep talk and encourage them to be happy, healthy, peaceful and successful in their lives. Let’s fulfill the right task of parenting.

Start using the positive sleep talk with your kids right away. We can help our kids in more ways than we can comprehend. Share this with other parents or with the school teacher, so that she can share this method with other parents during the parent – teacher meetings, so kids that need help can also gain from Positive Sleep Talk.

Remember there are no side effects; there is no way this can backfire or have any negative effects on your children. The worse that can happen is NOTHING. So do it!

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