Simple Edutainment Activities for Pre-Schoolers

Research has shown that the human mind can take in a lot more information and knowledge when they are younger, and the mind kind of sets into a lull once they pass their teenage. Therefore, it is easier to impart education, and instil traits into children as compared to young adults and adults. However, this needs to be done in a particular manner; otherwise, the child will be bored and put off the entire aspect of learning something. One of the best ways to do this is to introduce extracurricular activities in their day, here are some simple extracurricular activities, and the props that you would need to carry them out with the toddlers.

Play clay has become very popular, and there are various types of play clay available today. They are also commercially available, in various colours, scents, etc. Either you can buy them off the shelf, or you can contact a wholesaler, depending on the amount of clay you want. While play clay is one of the best ways to help the child explore their creativity and learn several building traits, it is also important that you check how healthy and safe the clay is for children. Carry out your own research, and do not depend entirely on the sales personnel for your information.

Painting and colouring are other activities that will definitely help keep the kids busy as well as help them be their creative self. These activities are also important because they help the elders understand what is the best trait of the child, and whether they are interested in such activities. There have been many cases where the parents push the child into certain activities, just because they think that their children will be good at it. Helping the child explore their creative side will save a lot of effort on the child’s part and lot of resources on the parent’s side.

For very young children, like toddlers one can look at activities like building blocks, as this will teach children several things like continuity, consistence, size, shape, and even the basic of geometry, along with other ideas like gravity, etc. There are several types of building blocks available in the market, and you will be able to find many options, depending on your budget and requirements.

Along with building blocks, you can also look at puzzles that will create challenges for the child. There are several puzzles available in the market, and they are suitable for various ages, so you should check what kind of puzzles you are buying, as they might be useless, or useful at a later age if you do not buy the right ones.

These activities will be helpful for enhancing the creativity and other positive aspects in children. Several shops and institutions sell these, and they sell it on a wholesale as well as a retail basis. If you plan to buy many of these supplies, you would be better off buying it wholesale, as you will get them at a lesser price.

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