Caring For Children and Aging Parents

Managing family, career and yourself is the most stressfull way to live, especially being the primary caregiver to aging parents and children. It has to be done one way or another. All it needs is a little caution exercised as well as making sure that you don’t focus all your attention on one and neglect the other, or to the point where they feel left out. Make sure that your time is split evenly, but also a little bit more time should be emphasized on your kids as you want them to grow up to be productive and responsible members of the society in the future. How do you exercise this important role of making sure that your kids turn out to be responsible? It’s pretty simple actually. First of all, you have to include your kids in your family plan. By this, I mean that you have to teach them responsibility from the lessons right there in the house. This can be in cases such as bringing a glass of juice or water to your parents when they are thirsty. No matter how small your kids are, there is never a specified time which is stipulated for responsibility lessons for kids. This act of compassion to your parents will create a bond with your parents and they too can aid you in impacting knowledge that is priceless in the kids that will help them a lot in future days.

Here are some ways for you to manage.

Including your children in helping you out with the parents is also important, as it creates special family moments that will always be cherished. It also helps to create a trustworthy friendship with you and the child as the both of you share a responsibility. So, if you see your kid carrying a glass of juice and the child says that he or she is taking it to grandma or grandpa, then don’t scream your lungs out at the idea of the kid breaking the glass and hurting themselves, rather encourage them, glasses are replaceable, but the confidence that is impacted in your kid isn’t. No matter how young they are when you see that glass of water or juice won’t reach its intended destination, don’t undermine them; rather encourage them on this path. Even if they break the glass and make a mess of your imported leather couch with the contents of the glass don’t criticize them, but instead pour another glass of water or juice and help them take it.

The second step involves no regrets. By no regrets, I mean that it’s about time you stopped saying “I wish I hadn’t taken in my parents’ or “I hadn’t had kids. If all this was the other way, I’d be fine.” You have to stop that completely and by this you are guaranteed that you will concentrate on the tasks at hand and you won’t be stressed out as this situation can be a pain to your well-being. Don’t allow yourself to get to this state because of the two equally-great important tasks. Just take it easy and ask for help wherever you feel that you can’t bear it any longer. Your spouse can help you with this, your friend, or another relative and you can have a piece of mind and get your act together before you get back to what you were doing. Also, if anyone else offers help, don’t deny it, accept it with open arms and just take some time off.

Ensuring that you don’t develop any negative attitude towards responsibilities is the best way to make sure that your kids follow you as a role model as to how well you can handle things despite being subject to all the pressure that it involves. How you handle all this pressure and still maintain your cool within and without yourself is very crucial to how kids will see and emulate you as a role model. This is exactly what you need to be for them so that they can grow up to have learned from the best and that is you, their parents.

Stop the shouting and just control yourself. Don’t shout at your kids for whatever reason it is, as this could cause them to feel inferior to you; taking care of your aging parents and still maintaining your sense of humor when your kids mess things up is quite hard, but with the right attitude to it, it is totally possible and you will be better off. If your kids are doing anything and it doesn’t involve a life threatening act, then just let them be, this will give them confidence and they will know that you believe in them. So, take a lesson from what your parents taught you and impart that into your kids and they will grow up to be as responsible as you are. You are responsible because of the fact that you are taking care of your aging parents and juggling that with raising kids that will be responsible people of tomorrow’s society.

Your parents are also available for help in raising the kids to what you want them to be as they can help you out by talking to the kids where you feel like you have no solution to how to do it right. Remember that you are not the only parent in the world and your parents will be glad to help you out. Also, try to seek some expert advice on how to go about this and this will go a long way in making sure that you are okay while doing all this. By following these simple and basic instructions above, you will have no problem with your kids and they will grow up to be what you expect of them and you will in tandem be happy about it. Taking care of your aging parents while at the same time raising your kids can be a drag but it’s possible and manageable.

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