Independent Senior Living Options and How to Tell What Is Right for You

Aging comes with many new challenges and decisions. As housework and day-to-day tasks become harder, it is important to make the correct decision about the future of yourself or loved one. Going to stay with a relative is not an option for every senior and that is why all independent senior living options should be considered.

Senior Apartments

There are apartment complexes that cater to the specific demands and needs of the elderly. Generally, residents have to be 55 or older to be able to join an apartment complex. Rent on these apartments typically include services like transportation and recreational programs. Meals tend to be served in a communal dining area. Apartments for the elderly differ from nursing homes because in these complexes there are no medical personnel present.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

For those in relatively good health, but with the potential problems in the future, a continuing care retirement community is a better option. These communities offer independent senior living and a nursing home environment. This combination allows the residents to transfer within the same community when more medical assistance is needed. Seniors who need regular assistance in their daily lives can enjoy an apartment, where they can come and go as they please. Residents who need more help can move to assisted living, which gives them the partial independence while gaining access to continual medical attention. The biggest benefit of this type of community is that the resident can transfer within the same environment to get the necessary care, while living independently as long as possible.

Retirement Communities

Another option is retirement communities, which have a minimal age of 55 or 60. They also have fees included in the rent to cover amenities such as transportation and recreational options. Instead of being an apartment building, these communities are made up of smaller homes, duplexes, townhouses, and even mobile homes. Another feature is that the residents can choose to purchase their property rather than just rent. However, if the property is purchased there is typically still a low monthly fee to cover the cost of a wide range of amenities.

Independent senior living isn’t for everyone. Some elderly citizens are in excellent health and have a home in which they can easily maintain. These people may also choose to hire a house cleaner to help with the occasional upkeep or even remodel parts of the home to make it easier to get around. Either way, they maintain their homes without moving into a special apartment or community. Still, others may find that their health is failing very quickly. In this case, home health or a nursing home may be the best choice to ensure their medical needs are tended to.

Aging doesn’t have to mean losing independence. In order to retain the same level of freedom, while having less day-to-day stress, a senior-citizen community may be the best option.

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