No Child Is An Orphan


There is a saying “where does the real paradise lie?” Our perfect answer through heart is “In the feet of our parents”. Our dearest Pa and ma. The entire world revolves around them. From the time we are born they are our life-givers, our protectors, our nurturers and point to the right direction of our life. Can we imagine our life without them? No way. We need them at every step. You will often find oodles of stuff in books, magazines, seminars and lectures about how great the love of our parents is but in reality no words or no gestures are capable enough to describe what they did and are doing for us. Explore the wildest or the remotest part of this earth from roaring animals to normal humans everybody has their family which is their home. I sat to write down this article but I am really finding it difficult to express in words because there is so much to say, so much to feel, but I guess I won’t have the proper catch of what is going on in my mind right now. This is a very delicate subject and I aim to touch the chords of my fellow readers and friends and I know they feel the same.


God has created this magical and miraculous bond of seven births between a parent and their child because they are truly inseparable. Look at a young kid or even a grown up, they all will have their eyes filled with tears of joy and memories when they speak about their parents. And yes, I would like to say that families are not only made with 2 siblings, parents and a pet. The concept of family is huge; it includes the whole world regardless of caste, creed race or sex. That means, not a single child is left an orphan. No one is an orphan in this world because somewhere on this huge land, God has created their nurturer and they will come to them for the rescue. There are orphanages or left alone children but they don’t go homeless for long. There are good people around the world who find them and make them the happiest child in the world. And parents are not only the ones who give birth to us. They are the ones who uplift us from our childhood miseries and give us the light of knowledge, care and love. People say that the first right of the child goes to the woman who bore him/her, but the one who formed him/her as a good human being is equally fit to be a parent.


As much as we like to think and get lost in this wonderful bond of eternity, there are certain things which fill our eyes with bloodshot tears. I am talking about the cases when grown up adults after marriage or settling down do not pay any heed to their mummy papa and treat them like extras. This is the most horrible sin those people make. I mean how could you be mean to the ones who gave birth and raised you through all the difficulties? Newspapers are filled with such headlines which make us think, what is this age? Have we lost all the respect, love and devotion? Do these people think they will never get old? Are they going to die young? Probably not. They will have their kids watching their behaviour towards their grandparents and maybe they will think the same when they grow up. How would those people feel then? Will they regret and remember the things they did to their own parents and cry on its bitter result? Assumptions are many, but the ultimate truth is, Never ever be mean to these reflectors of God. NEVER.

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