The Best Ways to Keep Residents Occupied in a Care Home

The day when care homes sat their residents in a lounge with a small TV on in the corner are no more. These days, cares homes are required to provide activities for their residents that are engaging, stimulating and person centred. In fact, any home that is registered for elderly mentally infirm should have a garden. This is to ensure the residents are well involved. It also helps to ensure their bodies and minds are kept healthy, active and alert. Regular activities that include social interaction and achievable tasks have proven to help prevent memory problems and depression.

These are activities also cater for the residents and encourage them to make their own choices in the care they receive. It is also important to include family members and close friends when designing those activities especially where the individuals have mental health problems. This is to ensure they do not feel isolated from their loved ones. Here are some of the best ways to keep residents occupied in a care home.

Music for health

This program is very popular in many care homes. It is a period where residents listen to music that they can sing along or relax to. They can even use instruments to feel more attached to the music. Music for health is very beneficial because it help the residents remember old days, socialise and have fun.

It is therefore important that the area of activity have minimum interruptions and the person leading the program should keep everyone focused.

Chair Aerobics

This activity should be led by an individual with proper training in health and fitness in the elderly. It is beneficial because it increases the heart rate, helps to keep the limbs and the joints flexible and keeps the muscles fit. It is also a great fun for all people taking part. All residents in care homes should be encouraged to take some exercises. Even the less mobile people must have an exercise program that everyone can enjoy.

Musical entertainment

There are so many musicians that make their living by entertaining residents in care homes. This activity is popular, fun and sociable. It also helps the residents to keep their memories alert by singing along the musicians.


It is an activity that is good for care home residents suffering from dementia. It involves remembering past events and talking about them. These are activities residents used to enjoy, people they met or knew and places they loved to visit.

Losing memory as people get old is very frightening and distressing. Reminiscence is a good way to bring comfort even if some memories are sad to share. The individual leading the program should be able to turn the mood around to ensure everything is all right.

Friendly Pets

Pets such as cats, dogs and fish can be beneficial in many ways. Some residents do not get visitors which is very sad. Pets can make them feel loved. A fish tank can bring calm atmosphere in the home.

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