Parenting Tip – Spending Quality and Quantity Time With Child

Parenting tip-

Spend quality and QUANTITY time with your child:-

“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today” – Barbara Johnson.

Quality time is explained as any activity that allows you to learn about your child’s interests, assess their strengths and challenges, teach life skills or make them feel special or loved. With kids, days seem long and years short so I suggest spend quality and QUANTITY time with your kids because tomorrow never comes. Time is a precious gift more valuable than the most expensive bequest in the world. Give maximum time to your child whenever and wherever you can. Cherish special moments of life. A story about a father Raj who never had time for his family reminds me of the importance of devoting time for your loved ones. Raj, a hardworking father was an extremely busy man who worked for almost 14 hours a day even on weekends. He had an enormously loving, caring and happy family that consisted of his wife, two kids, and parents. Hailing from a lower middle-class family Raj did this to give a comfortable life to his family. When his family complained about his long hours of work he reasoned that he is doing this for their happiness/ so that they can get the best available in the world. Five years passed, he could provide his family with all the pleasures of life but couldn’t spend the valuable time of togetherness with them. Surprisingly, on one Friday evening, he came home and declared that he will spend the weekend with his family as he is tired and needs a break from work. His family was awfully delighted but unfortunately, he did not wake up the next morning.

I know as a parent we all want to give best to our kids but it’s imperative to maintain a work-life balance which fosters a child’s morale, self-esteem, performance, and overall mental and physical development. Spend a lot of alone time with your child which helps to reduce his/her attention seeking behavior. As stated earlier you don’t have to plan expensive holidays or take them to play areas to spend time with them. Enjoy simple pleasures of life without spending a fortune. Play with them, exercise together, draw/cut/or make crafts together to promote their originality, take a walk to the nearby garden where our child feel comfortable and enjoys, once a while sleep in drawing/living room together, do gardening together or even learn something new collectively. I would again stress on spending both qualities as well as quantity time together, keeping in mind that our goal is to spend ample of time with them whenever possible in a most productive way and in the best interest of both.

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